Podcasts & Videos

Ketamine in Psychotherapy with Nora Magnuson Mazzoni MA, LPC and Michelle Robichaux M.Ed., LPC

In-depth discussion and overview of Ketamine in Psychotherapy that encapsulates the history of psychedelic usage in Psychotherapy, What is Ketamine, Ketamine Pharmaceutical drug & street names, common disorders treated with Ketamine, common symptoms & possible side effects, evidenced-based research of the benefits of ketamine & settings administered, cultural considerations, potential concerns, and takeaways.

Neuroscience, Stress, Anxiety, Depression, US Culture, and Coping Strategies

In this podcast, Nora Magnuson Mazzoni LPC at the Magnuson Mazzoni Center PLLC introduces an introduction to neuroscience related to mind and body connection focused on mental health and wellness, stress, anxiety, depression, US Culture, self-care, and ways you can use coping strategies in your busy life to achieve harmony with yourself.

Interview with Dan Bloom – Laura Perls and Gestalt Therapy

Check out the Interview Nora Magnuson Mazzoni at the Magnuson Mazzoni Center PLLC facilitated with Dan Bloom on the topics of Laura Perls and the impact she had on the development and contribution of Gestalt Therapy; The founders and establishment of the New York Institute for Gestalt Therapy and how it continues to operate today; Gestalt Therapy defined, approaches, theorized, and conceptualized; Humanistic aspects of Gestalt Therapy.

Co-occurring Disorders, Stigma, & Advocacy: First class of Week 1 of Co-occurring Disorders

What is addiction and co-occurring disorders; the Stigma of Addiction and Substance Use Disorders; Substance use disorders are mental health disorders; substance use disorders not treated and/or billed as the same as mental health disorders; Purpose of the psychoeducational class and video; Advocacy of co-occurring disorder.